Day 337 ~ Blame

My recent anger, has made me see things a lot more balanced. Suddenly, a whole 11 months past D-Day my husband took some of the blame from the other woman – in my eyes. I have blamed and hated her all this time. I still do, don’t get me wrong… but I now see more that my husband didn’t have to sleep with her, just because she pursued him – however hard she tried. And the worst part is – although she really tried… if he had cut her dead from the first text, maybe she would have just stopped. Maybe she wouldn’t… maybe she would have stopped and then started again at a later date… maybe the affair would have developed over months and been more about love… but maybe nothing would have happened from there because she would know it was pointless trying. All he had to do was respond to her first ‘over the line’ text with “I’m married” – I don’t even care if he’d said “I’d really like to go there with you – you’re hot as hell, but I can’t because I am married”. That would have hurt bad if that had been the run of events, but in comparison to what he did do… it would have been a walk in the park.

Now, I do still hate her – I wish I could let go of that… but on the other hand, it no longer consumes me. Sure, there are days when I obssess about her, google her and get her photos up. I like the self-torture I guess… but ultimately, she just doesn’t matter. She’s a tramp who is probably still sleeping with other men for her husbands kicks. I actually feel slightly sorry for her.


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  1. Hey, I may not know you but I do feel for you over what you are going through. Although I have never been in a relationship in my whole life, I understand the anger and betrayal you’ve been through. It is natural to be angry at the other woman. However, don’t let the wrath of yours consume you and get the better out of you. But I want you to know that it will get better. Stay strong for yourself, okay?